Types of Furnaces Available for Your Oregon Home

Furnaces are the ideal solution for heating your Oregon home. These household heating systems are a major appliance purchase for your residence; therefore, you need to choose the right type based on your current setup and your energy saving needs.

Luckily, you have a few models to choose from when it comes to furnaces. If you are not sure which is right for you, a technician from Gresham Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. can help.

What Types of Furnaces are Available?

When you start shopping for a new home furnace, you will have three basic types to choose from: oil, gas, or air handler. Each has its pros and cons, but ultimately one will end up being the better choice for your home.

Here is what you need to know about the different types of furnaces:

  • Gas Furnaces: Gas furnaces rely on a heat exchanger to warm air and distribute it through your home’s ventilation system. The heat exchanger consists of a metal box, and inside that box is a pilot light connected to your fuel source (typically natural gas). The pilot light connects to your in-home thermostat. When you change the temperature, the thermostat registers and opens the fuel line – boosting the flame of the pilot light. Inside that small metal box, you have hot air generating, which is then pushed by the blower through your ductwork.
  • Oil Furnaces: Oil furnaces come in water-based or warm air systems. Water-based further breaks down into hot water or steam systems. Both rely on oil to fuel your system, which is stored in an outdoor tank. When you increase your thermostat setting, the oil burner engages and creates a fine mist that mixes with air. This mixture injects into your oil furnace’s burner, ignites, and generates heat. The heat is then distributed through your ventilation, baseboards, or a radiator unit.
  • Air Handlers: Air handlers are your electric heating option. These furnaces rely on electricity to heat the element in the furnace. A fan takes the cold air in and passes it over the heating element. As the air heats, it distributes through your ventilation. Air handlers work similar to space heaters but instead heat your entire home.

Is there an Advantage to Using a Gas Furnace Over the Rest?

Gas furnaces are by far the most popular choice for homes, and for a good reason. These high-efficiency units offer you:

  • Reduced Monthly Heating Costs: While the upfront investment for a gas furnace can be significant, the overall savings makes them well worth it. Natural gas is cheaper than electricity, and when you install a high-efficiency gas furnace model, you reduce your monthly heating costs significantly.
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint: Installing a gas furnace, compared to other heating systems, is eco-friendly, which reduces your impact on the environment.
  • Rebates Available: Depending on the model and time of installation, you may qualify for a federal tax rebate. You must purchase a unit with a high AFUE rating to qualify. The list of requirements changes each year, but call us to help you understand your options and to benefit from Energy Star.

Upgrade Your Home’s Furnace Today

There is no need to enter this next winter worrying if your furnace will make it through another season. Save yourself the high cost and hassle of unexpected breakdowns and upgrade your home’s furnace today.

The team at Gresham Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. can help you choose the right unit based on your home’s size, current energy consumption, and budget.

Call 503-912-2334 to schedule a new furnace consultation with our sales team or contact us online to learn more about the leading furnace brands we have available. We service the greater Portland area, including: Gresham, Sandy, Tigard, Troutdale, Gladstone. Oregon City, Damascus, among others.

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